Chic Finds: A New Online Venture with Consignable


Q1: Can you introduce Chic Finds Consignment and share the challenges you encountered when venturing into the online world?

Chic Finds Consignment (CFC): Of course! Chic Finds Consignment has been a beloved fixture on our local high street for years. We specialize in offering top-quality second-hand fashion and accessories. As we dipped our toes into the online world, we quickly realized that managing the complexities of consignment in the digital realm was a different ballgame. Handling inventory, payments, and orders from various sellers became a daunting task.

Q2: What prompted you to seek a consignment management solution for your new online venture, and why did you decide on Consignable?

CFC: The leap into the online realm was exciting but challenging. We knew we needed a robust solution to simplify our operations. That's when we discovered Consignable. It was a no-brainer—it seamlessly integrates with Shopify, aligning perfectly with our online setup.

Q3: How has Consignable made your transition to the online space smoother and improved efficiency for Chic Finds Consignment?

CFC: Consignable has been a game-changer in our journey. It streamlines our back office operations with features like inventory management, order processing, and payment tracking. With Consignable, we effortlessly onboard new sellers, manage their inventory, and handle payments, all from one convenient platform. This significantly reduces the time we spend on administrative tasks and allows us to focus on growing our new online presence.

Q4: Could you share some specific benefits or results you've experienced since incorporating Consignable into Chic Finds Consignment's online venture?

CFC: Certainly! Since we adopted Consignable, our efficiency has soared. We can process more orders, onboard sellers faster, and avoid the headache of endless paperwork. The support team have been fantastic at supporting us step by step.

Q5: How has Consignable contributed to the growth and success of Chic Finds Consignment, both online and on the high street?

CFC: By simplifying our back office tasks, it has allowed us to smoothly transition into the online world while maintaining the quality service our high street store is known for. Consignable is an efficient and user friendly system both for us as a consignment store and for our sellers. Onboarding new consignors and processing sales is a breeze!

Q6: Any last comments?

CFC Consignable is the glue that holds our consignment operations together, allowing us to provide a seamless experience for both sellers and buyers. We highly recommend Consignable to any consignment store looking to scale and improve efficiency. It's been a game-changer for our business that keeps us right on track!

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